Castle of Manzanares El Real, Madrid, Spain. [© 2021. This picture is licensed under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 by the author Michele Mataloni]

A castle in ruins

Castello di Manzanares-El-Real, Madrid, Spagna. [ 2021. Questa immagine è concessa in licenza CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 dall’autore (Michele Mataloni).

[licence CC0 by]

Third Meditation on Nuclear Power

Second Meditation on Nuclear Power

The second article of this series on the roots of public opposition to civil nuclear. This time, I will think over economic and financial arguments.

Aiming at understanding the anti-nuclear bias to establish better communication in the matter of energy choices.

A First Meditation on Nuclear Power

The pacific use of Nuclear Power for civil electricity generation seems to suffer from a priori stigmatisation preventing us from seeing the evidence of its safety, cleanliness and reliability as an affordable, decarbonised energy source. Too often, such bias hijacks optimal decision-making in a matter of energy production, environment protection and human health & safety.

In the forthcoming series of few short articles, I will reflect and invite readers to reflect on some possible origins of the public opposition to civil nuclear, that looks widely diffused despite being contradicted by scientific and statistical evidence of safety, cleanliness and social profitability.

Michele M. C. Mataloni

Literature-loving exiled engineer. Knowledge passionate advocating for freedom of expression and properly brewed coffee.

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